Awesome Messagewear For Animal Lovers From Etsy 

 December 17, 2020

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When we first went vegan more than 12 years ago, I took to it with such gusto that I wore as much vegan messagewear as I could.  Whatever messagewear I would find, I would wear it.  I'd also buy some for my partner as well, no matter what the message said or the tone it set off.   

I do remember once seeing a shirt online that had a picture of a chicken with the words “eggs, straight from her vagina to your mouth” right underneath, and I instantly had it made for Seb.   He never wore it...  and thinking about it now, I certainly don't blame him!).    

These days there is a huge choice of different apparel with every possible vegan-centric message.  I now much prefer to have my messagewear a little more subtle.  If you're trending the same way, then read on and check out some of these lovely items from my recent search on Etsy!

If You Can Be Anything, Be Kind T-shirt

If You Can Be Anything T-Shirts

We really love this T-shirt. The reviews say that it is very soft.  It’s a unisex fit and the design of the swallow with the flower and the calligraphy just has such a peaceful message and design. 

Vegan By Day Gamer By Night

This would be a much better T-shirt for my avid gamer partner (certainly much better than the egg shirt I described above!!).  We love the retro pixelated text.  Unfortunately they don't seem to have specific women’s fit, but as you can see in the photo, they still look great on us lady gamers!

The Oldest The Strongest The Largest Are Fueled By Plants

We love this gentle reminder that some of the strongest animals in the world only eat plants, and the line drawing is especially cute. The unisex design will flatter everyone.

Life Goals Adopt All The Animals

It’s pretty much the goal of all vegans: to give all the animals that need a home a loving place to spend the rest of their days. This sweet expression will capture the attention of the people you pass by, while the lightweight soft material will make you feel motivated as you go about your vegan day!

Adopt Don't Shop masks

It remains to be seen if we will still be wearing masks after the pandemic. Our hunch is that masks have well and truly been normalized and there will be an expectation to wear a mask if you are sick.  So we think a mask with a fun message that everyone will see no matter what other clothes you are wearing is really worth the investment!  This cute little ‘adopt don’t shop’ face mask will certainly be noticed by the cashier at the supermarket or the bank teller. Sow some seeds!

Vegan Hoodie

Is there anything more cosy than a soft hoodie? This hoodie comes in a lot of different colors so you can coordinate it with anything!


Is there anything cuter than a baby wearing a onesie with a message on it?  We think this is a lovely gift for a newly arrived baby or perhaps a baby shower. 

Hunt Mushrooms Vegan shirt

The perfect shirt for your mushroom forager vegan friend. We know that mushroom foragers are a passionate lot who go off the trail and deep into the forest to get those highly prized chanterelles, so might as well be kitted out in this beautiful shirt!

rescued and loved dog bandana

Of course we can't forget your little 4-legged friends who are constantly going out and being adorable!   We love this little dog bandana which shows not only how much he was loved, but also how he came to be in your life!

If you love Etsy as much as we do, then do check out a few other of our articles with even more Etsy gifts!  

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