We aim to provide great tips, tricks, guides and resources to help vegans live their ethics the best way possible.  Whether you're a new vegan or celebrating your 10th veganiversary, we hope you'll find plenty on this site to help wherever you may be on your journey. We'd love to tell you a little bit about us.


So who are we to share all this "expert" knowledge?

We're Seb and Brighde, and we've been vegan since 2009.   He's Canadian, she's British/Australian, and combined we've lived and worked in some 10 countries - 5 of them together (Morocco, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and, now, Canada).   In that time we've had to weave our vegan lifestyle within multiple cultures and traditions and adapt accordingly, and eventually we put all this experience to work and actually started our very own international vegan tour company: World Vegan Travel!

Brighde even wrote a book -- with her great friend Rowena -- on how to become vegan!   Check out "12 Months Till Vegan" here

So overall, we feel pretty confident that we can help vegans -- new and veterans alike -- and hope we can provide enough here in terms of tips, guides and resources to get you excited about veganism and help you out in your daily life, both at home and on the road!

Brighde Reed one of the members of the team behind vegan home and travel

Brighde Reed


Brighde spent her formative years in the UK and Australia before her desire to travel took over.  The next five years were spent leading group tours for an Australian company around Southeast Asia, France and Morocco.  It's in that last country that she met Seb, fell in love (aww!), and a couple of years later (2009) they discovered veganism together.  She became passionate about promoting the vegan message as an activist.  She's now an expert on many vegan topics, from cooking to animal advocacy, and is constantly on a learning path to get help her better inform others.  She splits her time between writing helpful articles for VH&T and running her travel business, World Vegan Travel.

About us:  Sebastien Ranger a member of the vegan home and travel team

Sebastien Ranger


Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, Seb has been traveling around the world since he was 17.  Several trips to Europe and Asia culminated in an 18-months backpacking adventure, going overland from from Thailand to Turkey.   After living and working for nearly 20 years abroad (South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Morocco -- where he fell in love, aaww!), he's returned to his homeland.  Since 2008, he's been splitting his time running his own Production Service company for overseas film and TV productions filming in Asia, and his and Brighde's travel company, World Vegan Travel.

About us:  Pinky & Squeaky

Pinky & Squeaky


These 2 awesome cats, Pinky (in white) and Squeaky (in black) joined forces with Brighde & Seb in 2006.  Originally from Hanoi, Vietnam, they've since traveled to Thailand and Indonesia, and currently reside in beautiful Squamish, BC, Canada. Their contributions to Vegan Home & Travel is immeasurable, from testing cat-related products and services to expertly managing the well-being and stress-free environment of VH&T's offices.  They love playing chase, naps by the fireplace, cat grass and lots of pets and scratches. They are certainly the cutest members of the team!