The Ultimate Vegan Guide to WHISTLER, BC (Canada) 

 January 3, 2021

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Welcome to Whistler!

This winter ski village and summer mountain biking mecca has been very popular for decades and is consistently ranked one of the best ski resorts in the world.  We started coming to Whistler in 2007 when Seb’s parents lived there (his sister moved here as well, 2 decades ago) and we enjoyed the amazing outdoor activities and sports... but, sadly, rarely the food.  There just were not a lot of vegan options in Whistler at that time, but I am pleased to tell you that this has changed!  

Surprisingly, there are unfortunately very few vegan restaurants considering the healthy eco-conscious people who live here and the huge number of visitors who come year-round.   There are a number of theories as to why this is the case, but it might well be that the expensive rent prices perhaps push out a lot of vegan entrepreneurs from getting a foothold in the town.   But as veganism has grown in awareness, many of the bigger restaurants have taken up the slack and jumped on board the vegan train by offering more and more creative and delicious options here in Whistler.

The list of restaurants and shops below is as comprehensive as we can make it, but the fact is that things change all the time.  Restaurants go out of business or, new ones pop up, and menus seem to constantly evolve, especially when it comes to plant-based offerings.  

We have also divided up the veg-friendly options based on the part of town that they are in. Simply use the table of contents to jump down to the part of town you find yourself. Also, at the end of each listing, there is a google map link so you can get yourself there in no time.

While the falafel wrap (yawn...) makes several appearances in Whistler, we've listed all the restaurants that offer a couple of interesting choices that are worth the trip. No matter where in Whistler you find yourself (Creekside & Function Junction, Whistler Village or Upper Village), there is likely to be a place nearby you that will have your mouth watering and fill up your belly in no time!   

Because we are constantly updating this vegan guide to Whistler, if there are any errors or omissions, please let us know in the comments.

And don’t forget to check out our Ultimate Vegan Guide to Squamish.  You'll be driving through this wonderful town on the way up from Vancouver, so why not enjoy a lunch or some snacks!   And if you want to explore more of the region, check out our Ultimate Vegan Guide to Pemberton, a beautiful little cowboy town 30 minutes north of Whitler with mountains and lakes a-plenty!


ED'S BRED - Creekside, bakery

Bred inside

This 100% vegan owned bakery is a must-stop on the way to the main village. Located in Creekside, you should really look them up, although be careful to check their business hours as they don't open everyday. As well as a huge variety of breads, they have 3 different types of cinnamon rolls, carrot cake, bread pudding with coconut custard and flapjacks.  YUMMY! Our favourite vegan place in Whistler without a doubt. Those cinnamon rolls are simply magical!

THE GREEN MOUSTACHE - Function Junction, Village, healthy, gluten free, casual dining

This franchise is a great place to go if you want 100% healthy vegan food served in a casual setting. We love the Burrito Bowl that changes depending on the season, as well as their seasonal potato salad. They have all the drinks you have come to expect but also have turmeric lattes and a chai lattes.  And don’t forget dessert!  You can enjoy a chocolate brownie or a cheesecake!   They have two branches, one in Function Junction, and the other in Whistler village.


source: Ecologyst

This café is located inside an ethical minded clothing store (we can’t confirm if the clothing is vegan or not).  You will find excellent roasted coffee from nearby Vancouver Island, which is available with oat or almond milk. Their most popular sourdough toasts are:

  • Avocado, Olive Oil, Sea Salt & Chilli Flakes
  • Hummus, Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, Sea Salt & Chilli Flakes (they make their hummus fresh in-house) 
  • Noizette (vegan Nutella!!) and Sea Salt

Other fun things on their menu are chai mix (made with real pumpkin purée) and vegan banana chocolate chip muffins.  Their café (which does not feature on their website) is similar to it’s clothing store. They are trying to focus on locally sourced ingredients to minimise their environmental footprint.   They are located in the main village, here

RAVEN'S NEST - Creekside ski slope, lunches

Raven's Nest in Whistler

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Sadly, The Raven's Nest is the only vegetarian eatery on the actual Whistler mountain (located at the top of the Creekside Gondola), and unfortunately is no longer as exciting as it was a few years ago. Their links don’t work on their website and their recent social media presence is non-existent.  We did stop by during a ski day during COVID-19, and while it was open, the selections were pretty slim.  We were told that the reduced menu selection was because of COVID-19, but still we were surprised that there was no vegan milk for hot chocolate.  There was, however, the option of a very decent vegan chili (though no different to the ones served in other lodges on the mountain) and a vegetarian mushroom soup.  Let's hope they get better and offer more vegan options at this cute little Whistler ski lodge! 


AURA - Creekside, Hotel restaurant, French

This restaurant, located in the Nita Lake Lodge, has lovely views of Nita Lake with only breakfast available at the current time.  It features a highly seasonal menu that always has marked vegan options (they use 'VA' to show this) and as well as a more formal dining experience, this is also a fabulous place to go for a beautiful brunch.  Click here so see their different menus. We love the look of the Wild Mushroom and Spinach Scramble Fried Tofu, and their seasonal offerings for Wild Mushroom Risotto and Wild Rice, Mushroom, Lentil and Sage Loaf.

CREEKBREAD - Creekside, pizza

Creekbread Whistler

source: Creekbread

Creekbread is a delicious pizza restaurant that offers some dedicated vegan options, including their creatively-named ‘vegan tree hugger’ with BC grown mushrooms and caramelized onions.  Like many places in Whistler, it has a beautiful patio perfect for the summer after you've been hiking the trails or mountain biking. The vibe can be described as relaxed, family-friendly, warm and inviting, with very friendly staff and an open kitchen so you can watch them create your delicious pizza from scratch.  They are located in Creekside.

CURE LOUNGE & PATIO - Creekside, bar food, lake view

Cure Lounge & Patio

source: Nita Lake Lodge

Also attached to Nita Lake Lodge, Cure Lounge & Patio offers stunning lake views with marked vegan options. Their patio is one of the best in Whistler and while a little pricier than other bars for après-ski, we think it's worth a splurge.  We especially like that they actually have vegan desserts (this is rare in Whistler!).  Their Seasonal Fruit Tart looks delicious.  For sharing, they have Korean fried cauliflower florets and also a Falafel wrap, smoked tomato soup and our favorite, a Rigatoni Bolognese with lentils and pine nuts.  They also have a couple of dishes that are easy to veganise as well.  To see their current menu click here and choose Cure’s menus.  You can see their vegan-only menu as well.

FIX CAFE - Creekside, hotel café

This little café, also connected with Nita Lake Lodge, is small but they have a couple of decent options to grab and go.  For example, their soba noodle salad is delicious, and they usually have a vegan muffin or two.  View their current menu here. They often promote their vegan specials on their Facebook page too.

SAMURAI BOWL WHISTLER - Creekside, Asian, casual

This chain has a number of branches along the sea-to-sky, and this bigger restaurant has some delicious vegan options,  We love the vegan tofu ramen, their garden and green fresh spring rolls, kimchi, donburis, vegetable Udon and their veggie wraps.  It's located here.

FUNCTIONAL PIE PIZZERIA - Function Junction, pizza, take-away, dine-in

Functional Pie Pizzeria's small selection of pizzas includes one vegan option called Mos Def, which comes with onions, mushroom, sausage and vegan cheese.  You can enjoy it outside on their small patio or at one of the small tables inside.  It's in Function Junction.


EL FURNITURE WAREHOUSE - Whistler village, casual bar and dining

Very reasonably priced dishes are the deal at El Furniture Warehouse, and they have plenty of marked vegan options, including a General Tao Bowl with crispy panko crusted cauliflower.  There are lots of add-ons to make it a little bit more substantial (candied pecans and falafel bites).  Here's their location

HARAJUKU IZAKAYA - Whistler village, Japanese tapas and nibbles

Harajuku Izakaya

source: Harajuku Izakaya

Harajuku Izakaya is owned by the same people as Ohyama Ramen, and, is also a solid dining choice.  Best known for its vegan ramen, there are other marked vegan options that can fill a whole table full with delicious Japanese offerings. We love the miso soup, edamame, crunchy tofu salad, Agedashi tofu, sweet mushroom bao buns, and their rock ‘n’ roll sushi roll is more than just a cucumber naki.  It has Tempura yam, avocado, cucumber, carrot, beets, Shiitake, Inari, Kabayaki sauce and their Miso Zucchini Nori Tacos has Tempura yam, avocado, cucumber, carrot, beets, Shiitake, Inari, Kabayaki sauce. 

Here's a word from the owners:  “Izakayas are informal Japanese gastropubs popular throughout Japan known for quick, tapas-style food. Harajuku's interior is inspired by a Japanese village in the early 1900s.  We are dedicated to bringing a taste of Japan to Whistler in an exciting vibrant atmosphere.  We are constantly working to progress our menu and always put a heavy emphasis on vegan options for our patrons". 

This is their location.

LA CANTINA TACOS - Whistler village, Mexican, casual 

La Cantina Tacos has two Whistler locations. One next to Fresh Street and the other a little out of town next to Nesters Supermarket.  A Mexican restaurant in the heart of Whistler is great for a quick lunch with your Omni friends, or just simply when you want some of the Mexican goodness. They have two vegan tacos (jackfruit and tofu) as well as endless vegan combinations of bowls, burritos and wraps.  We do wish they had vegan cheese on their menu as well but you can at least get extra guac!

NAKED SPROUT JUICE BAR CAFE - Whistler village, juices, smoothies, comfort snacks, raw desserts

Naked Sprout is simply fantastic, as every non vegan dish has a vegan option!   Not only are they locally owned, but they actually employ lots of vegans as well!  They are community-minded (they give those that need it a reduction), and are consistently voted one of the top 3 sustainable businesses in Whistler.  

As the name suggests, they have a wide range of juices (which of course are all vegan), and the smoothies don’t seem to have any honey lurking in there.  Their Ramen is very popular in the winter and the hot breakfast sandwich is also a favorite with the fans. We love the look of the grilled cheese with a serving of soup, the orange miso power bowl, and one of the delicious raw desserts from the Squamish vegan dessert company, Solfeggio.   The hot drinks actually have vegan whipped cream (!!).  That hardly EVER happens!   They are located in the middle of the main village stroll. To sum up, one of the best places to go if you are looking for casual vegan options in Whistler village.

THE MEXICAN CORNER - Whistler village, Mexican kitchen, fun décor

We love this Mexican place for its décor and we stay for their margaritas!  While they don’t have a huge range of vegan choices, the one they do have is pretty tasty!  Their ‘vegan’ enchiladas have caramelized winter squash wrapped in fresh corn tortillas, covered in sauce and finished with seared nopales.  And of course, like any Mexican restaurant, you will be able to veganise the other dishes with a bit of negotiation with your server.  They are located near the Whistler Gondola.

STONESEDGE - Whistler village, outdoor seating, regional cuisine

This large restaurant is lovely, and while their menu is a little light on vegan options, there are a couple that make it worth looking into if you are trying to find a place to go with your non-vegan friends.  For example, they have a good Beyond Meat burger with vegan chipotle mayo on a bakery bun, served with BC kennebec hand-cut fries, and a chickpea 'tofu' bowl  which has house-made tofu served with coconut rice, roasted brussel sprouts, grilled red onion, sambal sweet chili, crispy chickpeas & pickled carrot.  However, no desserts and appetizers, but at least the main course options they do have are pretty good!  Here's their location.

TANDOORI GRILL - Whistler village, Indian

This Indian restaurant is a little hidden away as you need to go up some steps, but once you get there you will enjoy the shady patio and some fantastic vegan food. While they have vegan marked options under their ‘vegetarian specialities’ you will have to ask a few questions about the breads and rice. While there is nothing very different to what you will find at most Indian restaurants, it delivers delicious food and is a great option for those that need Indian food right now!

OHYAMA RAMEN - Whistler village, Japanese, beer

Ohyama Ramen in Whistler

source: Ohyama Ramen

Opened in 2017, Ohyama Ramen has only been around for 3 years but has already managed to cement its place in the hearts of locals and tourists alike.  It's popular for its super fun décor, which is designed to look like a Japanese city street.    They have a seasonal menu that has marked vegan options.  After a long day skiing there is no better meal to warm up the soul than a hot bowl of ramen, and their creamy vegan ramen more than does the trick!   It's become the crowd favorite, and not only with vegans.  In fact it's their best-seller by quite a margin!  Yay!

Also, not to be missed is their curry udon with vegan soy broth, noodles, vegetable curry, chickpeas, carrot and togarashi threads.   You can up the vegetables in your meal by adding a serving of fried brussels sprouts.

This is probably our favourite vegan ramen in Whistler.

 Here's where to get your ramen!

MONGOLIE GRILL - Whistler village , upscale stir-fry buffet

This stir-fry restaurant boasts that it is allergy-aware, which makes it a great choice for us vegans and our celiac friends visiting Whistler. The concept behind this restaurants is simple: you choose the ingredients you want and a sauce to smother it in, and it is grilled to perfection by the chefs.  Be careful though, you pay by weight, so it can be more expensive than you might have been planning on!   The rice noodles are your vegan option here, and while many of the sauces look vegan according to the ingredients, only one is marked vegan (cajun).   So do double-check with the chefs when making your dream noodle dish.    Here's its location

THE RAVEN ROOM - Whistler village, fine dining

The Raven Room Whistler

source: The Raven Room

The Raven Room is only open for dinner during the week, but it does brunch on the weekends and its menu is great for vegans who want to splurge.  Their clearly-marked vegan options are both innovative and delicious. They are proud of their locally-sourced products that they use in their menu.  Some of the highlights include jackfruit Bao Buns, Roasted Red Pepper Dip and warm mushroom salad, and their “cheesecake” has been described by some local Whistler vegan as being the best ever.  They even have two vegan options for weekend brunch!  Their menu changes seasonally so make sure you check out their menu online to see what their latest offerings are.  It's located in the Pan Pacific hotel.

PEAKED PIES - Whistler village, Australian pies, take-away and counter

If you have never been introduced to the wonder of an Australian pie then you're in for a treat!  You can expect a delicious crispy pie with a sauce filling with mushy peas (which is confirmed as vegan, sadly their mash and potatoes are not).

They have a vegetable medley which includes corn, carrots, leeks, celery, cauliflower and yams in a coconut milk-based sauce, which can be served with the mushy peas that are confirmed vegan, and then add more pastry (yay!!) to your meal by having a mixed-berry vegan pie for dessert.  They are located here

PUREBREAD - Whistler village and Function Junction, bakery

This café and bakery chain has a number of vegan marked goods perfect to take as snacks if you are heading up the mountain (as the baked goods on the mountain are pretty much non-existent).  Their choices are constantly changing and it's not clear on their website what is available day to day, but we are pretty sure there will be a few choices should you be prepared to stand in their often long queue to try their treats.  They have a Whistler village location, and another at Function Junction

MOGULS COFFEE HOUSE - Whistler village, coffee, baked goods

This café has been around since 1992 and serves a range of vegan treats to enjoy with your oat milk coffee.  They are right in Whistler Square.

MISTY MOUNTAIN PIZZA - Whistler village, takeaway and delivery only

This very cheap and cheerful pizza place is simple to order (a single price for up to 5 toppings) and vegan cheese is available. Sadly, to our knowledge, the pizza available by the slice does not have vegan cheese on it, but if you want a pizza to take back to your hotel room after a long day of skiing or mountain biking, this is a great option.   Here's where you pick it up.  

EARL'S KITCHEN - Whistler village, upscale casual

Earl’s Kitchen is also part of a chain that we love to visit when in Whistler. Their several delicious and creative vegan options include a Beyond Burger (that keeps Seb happy). We love their plant-based menu that keeps ordering easy and doesn’t require asking a lot of annoying questions to the excellent servers. In addition, we love the Vegan Hunan Kung Pao Ginger soy sauce, wok fried vegetables, rice and peanuts and the Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower, which actually comes with a vegan ranch dip!  Hurrah!  They are located right here

INGRID'S VILLAGE CAFE - Whistler village, light meals, patio dining

Ingrid Village Cafe

source: Ingrid's Village Cafe

This simple eatery has a few vegan options and many others that can be veganized with a few omissions of cheese, yogurt and eggs.  It's located about halfway on the village stroll.

THE LONGHORN SALOON - Whistler village, apres-ski bar, patio

The Longhorn Saloon Whistler

source: The Longhorn Saloon

Located very close to the gondola, The Longhorn Saloon is one of the world's most famous apres-ski hangouts.  There are a couple of dishes here which are vegan or can be made vegan. We love the look of the power bowl which has a delicious tahini sauce, which you can upgrade by adding a vegan falafel.  It's right at the base of Whistler mountain.  You could ski/bike all the way to your table! 

INDIAN MASALA BISTRO - Whistler village, Indian

Located above Misty mountain pizza is another Indian restaurant.  There are a few vegan options here as in any Indian joint, but here they are not clearly marked on the menu so you will need to check with your server.

HUNTER GATHER - Whistler village, gastropub

This very unvegan-friendly-named bar has a couple of vegan options that make it worth checking out.  They are not yet marked as vegan on the menu however, they have informed us that they are looking at changing this soon so it will make it easier to navigate the menu. They have the Pemberton Bowl which can be made more substantial  and filling with the addition of tofu. The black bean burger in a kaiser bun with smashed potatoes and coleslaw is also vegan and a Jackfruit Kahlua sandwich which looks very interesting. It's worth a visit for sure.  It's located next to the Tandoori Grill.

GARIBALDI LIFT Co. BAR & GRILL - Whistler village, pub, outdoor patio, après-ski

Garibaldi Bar and Grill Whistler

source: Vail Resorts

Another famous après-ski hangout, the very popular Garibaldi is located literally right above the Whistler gondola.  It's actually owned by the the Whistler-Blackcomb resort and thus has excellent views of the mountain. It's the perfect place so soak up the Whistler vibe.  Families are welcome until 10pm and then it becomes a (often VERY!!) lively bar with live music.  Vegans aren't hugely left out of the party with options like a tempeh burger (grilled and topped with guacamole, and a vegan chipotle slaw, and served with waffle fries or salad) or a GLC Signature Superfood Salad.   It’s worth noting that they don’t allow any modifications or substitutions.


MILESTONES - upper village, casual dining

Milestones is located just next to the Blackcomb gondola and is part of a chain of restaurants that really does have a few good vegan options, all marked on their menu with a VG.  Choose their crispy Brussel sprouts to start, or a kale noodle salad with baby greens, kale noodles, edamame, golden beets, quinoa, butternut squash, blueberries, avocado, maple miso vinaigrette, and possible tofu add-ons.  In addition, they have a garden burger and a Kale Noodle Stir Fry.  We also love the look of the Nuevos Rancheros grilled flour tortillas, braised black beans, avocado & edamame mash, fresh cut salsa, scrambled tofu, roasted Cajun potatoes, baby greens.  Lots of options for most preferences.  It can get quite busy as it's right by the gondola with one of the great patios!

RMU - upper village, bar

While it is unclear at the time of writing that RMU will keep the vegan options for the long term, they do have vegan options including The Whistler and The Chilly Dawg.   It's located between Blackcomb Gondola and the Fairmont Chateau Whistler.


THE VELVET UNDERGROUND - Function Junction, vintage clothing store, coffee

At the time of writing, this quirky little store was no longer offering any food but they do still serve coffee so you can get the necessary energy to scour their racks for cool retro clothes. This vegan-owned business is doing amazing things.  It's in Function Junction.


Martin Weintritt, Personal Trainer

Dave Nabi, Accountant: dave@accounting4community.com

Julia Murray, nutritionist, blogger & chef

Yogacara: yoga studio

Alyssa Fintaine: Experienced Registered Dietitian specialized in weight loss, sports nutrition, relationship with food, eating disorders, and plant-based nutrition. Fill out the coaching application form at www.alyssafontaine.com to book a free discovery call. Insurance receipts available. 


Whistler Vegans Facebook group

Whistler Vegan Fest: Whistler Vegan Festival's headquarters.

There is no doubt that the Whistler vegan options have improved so much in the past few years just as it has in so many other places here in BC. Let's thank them when they do offer something a bit more interesting than that falafel wrap and encourage other restaurants to offer more vegan options in Whistler. If you are a visitor to Whistler, make sure you check out our Ultimate Vegan Squamish guide as well so you can eat well on that drive back to Vancouver.

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And don’t forget to check out our Ultimate Vegan Guide to Squamish.   You'll be driving through town as you head up to Whistler.  Also check out our Ultimate Vegan Guide to Pemberton.  This beautiful mountain town is only 30 minute north of Whistler and has a lot more outdoor activities for you to indulge in! 

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