Finding Your Favorite Vegan Bloggers, Youtubers and Influencers 

 March 28, 2021

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Welcome to our 13 Steps To Go Vegan's challenge number 3: Finding Your Favorite Vegan Bloggers, Youtubers and Influencers

The Challenge

Congratulations! If you are following our Steps to Go Vegan Program, you are now on step 3!  

If you just stumbled on this page, then don’t leave just yet!  We're going to be sharing some fantastic resources that are going to be helping you on your vegan journey.  

So, for this easy step part of our Steps to Go Vegan and we want to share with you  some fun and lighthearted vegan content that’s perfect for beginners.  

That's right, we're giving you permission to spend lots of time on the internet to find some fantastic vegan content that you'll enjoy watching.

Chances are you are going to find lots of fantastic content, recipes, brands and tips while you are exploring that you’ll want to keep organized:

Get ready to save / pin / like / subscribe

As you are browsing, set up any playlists, bookmarks, Pinterest boards etc. so you can save anything that you want to come back to later.

Consider the kind of content you want and why you're watching it

Sometimes we browse because we just love the content but have no intention of actually creating that intricate recipe. Sometimes we browse content because it is something we want to recreate or buy.  Both are fine, but notice which type of content it is.

We will give you the links to the website of the content creator and then let you know which platforms they are most active on so you can subscribe or follow.  If we've missed any of your favorite influencers, please let us know in the comments.  We'd like to keep this post up to date!

The List

Pick Up Limes (highly recommended)

Sadia is a registered dietician that makes the most beautiful content. Her videography and food photography is so beautiful.  Her main platform is Youtube and she specializes in simple, nutritious recipes. As well as beautiful, mostly very healthy recipes, she talks about mindfulness, self-care, productivity, nutrition and exercise. 

Sweet Potato Soul (highly recommended)

Jenné is the front person of Sweet Potato Soul. She creates vegan lifestyle content that is perfect for learning about vegan food, recipes and vlogs. She is also mum to a new toddler and vegan parenting also features in her content from time to time. Her main platform is YouTube.

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (highly recommended)

Colleen is an excellent communicator and she has been helping people on their vegan journeys.  She is a writer and has written so many books but she is also very well known for her amazing podcast as well as all the other platforms.

Avant Garde Vegan

Gaz, is also creating beautifully filmed and presented YouTube videos. Gaz is a professionally trained chef and his recipes are often a little bit fancier and complex than some of the others recipes despite him saying that all his recipes are simple. He’s from Wales, he’s young and cool and we love the dynamic between him and his filing crew.

Vegan Richa

Richa’s main platform is her blog which is recipe focussed, but she also has overhead demonstrations on many of her recipes. We don’t see her face very often, so just browse and enjoy her delicious recipes. Here’s her Baked Vegan General Tso Cauliflower.

Cheap Lazy Vegan

We love Rose’s approach. She is all about delicious easy food and she embraces all the mistakes and it is all just a little bit more relatable than some of the other content above. She’s Asian Canadian and has many Asian recipes especially Korean ones. Start here:

Rachel Ama

Rachel is a UK based YouTuber who has such an attractive personality. She creates beautiful, chatty videos as well as giving you lots of tips on getting started on your vegan journey. She mostly creates recipes but digs in to other vegan lifestyle topis.  Start here:

Tabitha Brown

Does she need an introduction? She’s blown up over the past couple of years and for good reason. Her personality just radiates positivity, calm and she’s also so funny too. As well as being the world’s favourite mom offering the best advice, she also creates simple easy vegan recipes. She’s active mainly on Tik Tok and Instagram and some other platforms too.

Mary’s Test Kitchen

We usually only hear Mary’s voice on her YouTube videos for her recipes and she specialises in veganising non vegan recipes and she dabbles in food science. 

From My Bowl - Caitlin Shumaker

Cailin, is a young American woman making easy, healthy recipes on her YouTube channel and subsequently her blog. Her food is generally whole foods plant based and to a lesser extent lifestyle based.   Start here:

Madeline Oliva

Madeline is a British Youtuber that discusses renovations, crafting, recipes and minimalism.  Start here:

Simnett Nutrition

Derek is really likeable and quite swell. He’s a calisthenics athlete and he and his adorable girlfriend create lots of very nutrition focused recipes as well as workout videos and how to stay active.  Start here:

The Happy Pear

These Irish identical twins educate their viewers on their YouTube channel with delicious recipes and they are so incredibly positive and have a great energy. They also have lots of online courses as well.  Start here:

The Brown Vegan

Monique has a really interesting podcast and also a YouTube channel of the same name. Her podcast is for vegan curious people who are ready to learn more about how to start (and keep going) with a vegan journey. You can expect interviews with other vegans and my personal tips.

Eamon and Bec

Eamon are two vegan traveling early 30s van lifers who are (at the time of writing) renovating their cabin in Canadian cottage country. While they don’t specifically discuss vegan content all the time they are so much fun to follow. They also have a podcast from time to time.

Wild We Roam

Like Eamon and Bec, they don’t focus on their veganism, but it does come up fairly often. Enjoy their positive attitude and content that is such good quality. They are such wonderful storytellers through their YouTube channel. At the time of writing they are working on their sailboat and getting ready to sail around the world.

Minimalist Baker

Possibly one of the biggest food blogs online, They have been creating easy vegan recipes for 9 years. The food photography is great and for all the recent recipes there are videos as well. You don’t get to know Dana onscreen, but her personality shines through her writing.  Have a look at her Warming Red Lentil Sweet Potato Soup.

Whole Foods Plant Based Cooking Show

If you are thinking that you might like to try to get as healthy as possible then check out this YouTube channel. Jill uses only whole foods and no oil to create really delicious recipes that will benefit your health. If you want to watch someone who is older than 30, then come and check out Jill. She’s lovely.  Start here:

Whew!  Lots of content to go through, right?!  Once you've found your favorite channels and influencers, you're ready to head over to Step 4: Dabble in Vegan Lunches.

Let's Discuss!

We'd love to hear from you!  Do you have any questions?   Did we miss any of your favorite influencers?   Please let us know in the comments below.  We'd like to keep this post up to date!

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