Best YouTube Channels for Travel Inspiration 

 November 8, 2020

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Are you a YouTube addict?  We must confess that we are, finding it surprisingly easy to go down a rabbit hole once we find content we truly love.  The platform has proved to be a dream for creators, and technology has made it so that anyone who's prepared to learn and has a bit of gear can make really engaging content.  The result is a treasure-trove of videos on literally any topic you can think of.  

Travel is a huge passion of ours (we own and operate World Vegan Travel after all!) and we're subscribed to many travel-related channels, rarely missing an episode.   This year, more than ever, these channels have helped us with the nostalgia we feel from the lack of overseas travel.  Here's hoping that the 2020 pandemic subsides sooner than later, but while we all wait for things to return to some kind of normal, here are some of our favorite YouTube channels to get you dreaming of travel again.

Quick disclaimer: not all of them are vegan.  Our aim is to share a number of different channels that do different types of content that will appeal to different types of people!

Eamon and Bec

This vanlife couple has to go first because they are both vegan, absolutely adorable and their content is really fantastic.  They run their chai business from their van and are pros at editing and filming content. They are currently traveling around Europe (yes, they shipped their van there) and they have the most fantastic attitude, even when they recently had their van broken into!

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World Towning

This is the ongoing adventures of a non-vegan couple, (although they did mention in a recent Instastory that they were leaning towards veganism) traveling around Europe (for now) with their two school-aged children.  Their YouTube channel is a basically a vlog that takes us through their travel experience, good and bad, while providing encouragement and for others to do the same.  This passion for full-time travel is truly infectious and they've been able to transform it into a travel business that aims to help others to do the same.  

Overall, this family is just fun to hang out with.  The parents come off being as wide-eyed and excited as the kids, who by the way are incredibly social, kind and just darned cool.   After a stint in Costa Rica, they moved across the pond to France for over a year, trekked the entire Camino Di Santiago (a great series to watch from start to end, encompassing dozens of episodes) and lived for 2 years in an RV, visiting every country in Europe.  Their plans to move to Asia was delayed due to Covid-19 (although they spend several months in Japan) and are now back in France and.. living full-time on a catamaran!    

This family are living what many out there can only dream of: to travel long term with their children.   We don't even have kids, we don't have an RV, we're not sailors, and there's a bit too much love for dairy cheese... but we are still huge fans!   Let's hope they explore veganism a bit more in future episodes! 😉

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The Indie Projects

Another non-vegan couple, but they do have the cutest kitchen in a van and the best vanlife cat around, Gingey Bear!  They do amazing drone shots, and have high-quality video and their Brummy accents are lovely. They just finished an epic trip throughout Scandinavia and are heading to Canada very soon!

Disclaimer: they sometimes go fishing. 🙁   I wish they loved the fish as much as they love the bears and of course their adorable cat Gingey, but we still love them and their great content!

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Wild We Roam

This vegan couple were (until recently) living full time in their very old RV Ody that they converted by themselves.  The editing and the filming is simply excellent and they are both kind and caring people who clearly love each other so much. While they are no longer living in their vans and it remains to be seen what they will be focusing on next, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZpSVIFxNV_p62fkuucmtnAtheir channel has a lot of very enjoyable travel content.

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Boho Beautiful

Another vegan couple, they are mostly a yoga channel but they do a lot of travel content also. They are both such beautiful people inside and out.  While we're not into yoga, we're into these lovely people and the content they create. They often discuss veganism, vegan travel and highlight sanctuaries around the world.  It's also top quality content.

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Damon and Jo are good friends from America who speak lots of languages and encourage their followers to just "Shut Up and Go"!  Not only are they hilarious, but they also have great stories to share with you. Damon and Jo both have their own channels now, so you can check those out too!

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Now, we'd love to hear from you!   There are loads of awesome travel channels out there. Which one of your favorite did we leave out?  Let us know and we might include in a future article update!

Let's have a discussion in the comments below.  We'd love to hear from you!  

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